We gratefully acknowledge so many generous souls for their assistance, encouragement, and support.  To them, and to all others who directly or indirectly aided in realizing this dream, we offer our sincerest gratitude.  May they all enjoy the peace and love of yoga. 

Namaste-Danielle and Candy



Danielle Gagnon

B.S. ED. and PSY, M. Art Therapy, Registered Art Therapist, C-YRKT, RYT-200

Danielle has worked in the Sachem School District for nineteen years. A love for children and children’s self-growth has always been part of her being. Having a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology and a Master’s in Art Therapy, she has always worked on programs in the school to promote positive self-esteem and positive relationships. She uses her art background to run various arts based / writing programs in her school. These programs include; working with her entire school graphically, educating staff about the importance of art in the classroom, working with children whose families are facing divorce and most importantly working with art to enhance learning in her classroom, daily.

Children are required to fulfill very specific tasks in school and this can cause heavy stressors on children of all ages. Throughout her yoga journey Danielle has realized that yoga can have a very similar impact on children as art does. Upon research, Danielle gratefully found the Yoga Rocks Program and became a C-YRKT (Certified Yoga Rocks Kids Teacher) in May of 2013. She now uses stretching and breathing in her own classroom to increase stamina and promote healthy living.She currently has a yoga club for children in her school for grades K-2.  Danielle believes that yoga can help children deal with their emotions and help children to become strong, centered individuals. Over the past years Danielle has taken a journey through yoga that is unexplainable and would like to foster children to experience this journey in a safe, creative and fun environment.

In February of 2015, Danielle graduated from Yoga Yama, receiving her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Ashtanga/Vinyasa Teacher Certification.

Danielle was also trained by the SHY staff to teach the Beginner’s Hot Yoga class.

Danielle very much focuses on breath in her classes. Her intention is to enable students to connect with the breath to open the heart, mind and body to all possibilities.

Danielle is thrilled to be sharing yoga with the community and to assist others in their journey.




Candy Vetrano

B.S. Human Resources, RYT-200, 100 hrs Hot Yoga Training

Candy began her yoga asana practice in the late 90's at a studio in Sayville.  Her guru was taught under the lineage of the renowned Swami Buaji, a contemporary of Krishnamacharya.  A spark was provoked deep in her soul that ignited a passion for yoga.  The first thing her guru said was, "yoga finds you at the exact moment you need it." Years later it was those words Candy held in her heart. These words led her to leave a 15 year career as a director at a Fortune 500 company. 

Yoga weaves itself into ones life like a beautiful thread and manifests there creating a transformation of self to self.  It finds the place inside you where the Universe dwells.  It is this transformation from teachers to students and students to teachers that provides and promotes the most growth.  Candy has learned the most about yoga through the interaction of the human spirit and the profound impact a collective conscious can create.

Candy believes in teaching from a place of compassion and self-acceptance.  Her approach is less on mastery of the asana, but rather a continued emphasis that within each of us, there is a silence as vast as the Universe; and when we experience that silence for ourselves, we remember who we really are.