School Yoga and Mindfulness

As a local business owners, elementary school teacher, mothers and yoga instructors we can appreciate and understand the value of keeping the students, staff, and entire school community mindful and healthy. We believe that yoga provides many benefits such as aiding an individual’s mind-body awareness, improving flexibility, forming the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, enhancing focus, boosting your immune system, and cleansing one’s peace of mind. In addition to the life enhancing benefits for people of all ages, yoga provides school-aged children and teens with calming techniques, improved concentration, self-awareness, positive mental health, reduction in stress, self-reflection, growth in confidence, and inclusivity.

Yoganomics has been providing a wide array of yoga classes and mindfulness opportunities in various Suffolk and Nassau school districts via BOCES and independently for the past four years. In addition, Danielle has personally offered the same opportunities of yoga and mindfulness to students and patrons in our surrounding communities for over 10 years.