See what our yogis are saying!

As a young aspiring yogi watching Danielle and Candy begin this journey is an inspiration. I look forward to and am excited to continue my practice at Yoganomics.
— Caitlin Donohue
I will be referring all my Zumba students and fellow ZIN to Yoganomics.
— Victoria Moreno


"I brought 6 of my Girl Scouts here for an hour long class and was so impressed with Danielle and the facility as a whole!!  She was so wonderful with the girls and it was very clean and nice inside!  My girls loved it so much and are already asking to go back."                                                     -Tricia Lawton
I’m a certified USA BMX coach and will be utilizing Yoganomics in the future for our athletes at Shoreham BMX.
— Michael Cammarata
I couldn’t be more excited to have Yoganomics opening so close to home...I have been practicing yoga for years with Danielle and Candy. Their classes are always enjoyable, encompassing and a complete mental, physical and spiritual experience. They both have great personable skills with excellent instruction and guidance which will be a direct reflection on their studio.
— Sharon Raye
"So relieved to get back into something I love!  Yoganomics offers great classes, times and phenomenal teachers!  Never felt better!"                                                                                     -Jenny Assael
I have had the pleasure of taking Danielle’s and Candy’s classes for the past few years. I promise, whether you are a beginner yogi or advanced yogi, their classes have something to offer. They design their classes to cater the needs of beginners while still challenging the most advanced practitioners. They are both knowledgeable and their instruction is very personable, supportive, and constructive. Their classes are also a perfect complement to any other workout regimen. I play a lot of sports, go to the gym, and run a lot. Taking their classes has only enhanced my performance. No matter what your reason may be for practicing yoga (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, self-discipline, or cross-training) I wholeheartedly recommend their classes. The workout is amazing and I guarantee you will be happy you took class!
— Frank Vetro